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9.Thin Edge Slitter Scorer

  • Thin Edge Slitter Scorer
Thin Edge Slitter Scorer

Thin Edge Slitter Scorer

  • Product description: Thin Edge Slitter Scorer

Thin Edge Slitting Scorer

Model: BFY series


1.Thin blade enable clean cutting edge at high speed
2.Motorized lifting and lowering of working station for quick tool
set up Manual or timer control grinding device keeps blade edge sharp all along. Automatic grinding device is optional
3.Manual scoring depth adjustment
4.Motorized web deviation correcting
5.Manual tool set up
6.Slitting and scorer with one motor, maximum speed is 100m/min
7.Individual drive slitter and scorer, maximum speed is 150m/min
8.Minimum slitting space is 140mm, minimum scorer space is 70mm
9.Slitting paperboard in 3 out or 4 out, or according to request
10.Available width: 1200-2000mm




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