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11.NC Helical Cutter

  • NC Helical Cutter
  • NC Helical Cutter
  • NC Helical Cutter
NC Helical CutterNC Helical CutterNC Helical Cutter

NC Helical Cutter

  • Product description: NC Helical Cutter

N.C Helical Cut-Off

Model: NHC-120/220

1.        Specification:

2.        Max machine speed: 220m/min, when cutting length is 0.5m speed is 100m/min

3.        Cutting length: 500mm-9999mm, cutting accuracy±1mm

4.        up to 999 job size can be preset, auto change job size without machine stop, connected with the computer to make production management easy

5.        All drive gear made of high quality alloy steel, which are heat treated and exactitude processed, high drive accuracy and long life

6.        Circulating lubrication to insure lubricates and also helps to clean and cool

7.        Paper entering and out are separated, each have their frequency convert motor to control speed, synchronized driven, stable and low noise

8.        double-row round wheels are used at entrance to reduce the cutting errors caused by dithering of paper board.

9.        Exit and sending platform use round wheels and conveyer belt, which make paper board ejection steady.

10.    Round wheels device pneumatic controlled, special design, easy to operate

11.    Pedestal and wheel box made of grey cast iron, good steel and good shake-resistance

12.    AC servo-control system energy saves above 30%




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